Self Help is Best Help..

Self Help is Best Help Moral Story - Story Teaching Important Life LessonOnce in a village lived a farmer who used to work from dawn to dusk. Once he planted his crops and soon after this a sparrow build her nest in between field.

Just after sometime, sparrow laid two eggs. Soon two little sparrow came out of those eggs and started to live happily with their mother sparrow.

Days passed by and soon harvesting season came. Everyone in village started to harvest their fields. Sparrow and its little one knew that soon they had to move away from that field.

Farmer had to go for some work and sparrows heard farmer saying, “I will call my neighbor and ask them to start harvest work in my field.”

Listening to this little one’s said to their mother, “Mother, tonight we should fly away..!!”
Mother sparrow replied, “Not so soon kids. I don’t think farmer’s harvesting will be start anytime soon..”

Co-incidentally mother sparrow words came true and neighbor didn’t turn up next day at field for harvesting.

Next day when farmer came to field he said, “I think i should call my relatives and ask them to start harvest..”

Sparrows heard that too and little one’s said, “Mother, now we shall leave tonight..”
Mother sparrow smiled and said, “We don’t have to leave yet. Don’t worry and relax.”

Next day no one showed up at field. Little one’s were surprised to see that their mother words came true again.

Again farmer came to field and sparrows heard him talking to himself. He said, “Tomorrow, i start harvesting in field myself..”

This time mother sparrow said, “It’s time to leave this field. Tonight we will fly away..”
Little one’s were confused and asked their mother, “Why now??”

Mother Sparrow replied, “Last two times farmer was dependent on others to start his field harvest but this time he decided to do it himself..”

It’s not wrong to ask for Help but if one want to Start any work or do it on Time, than that Work should be done by himself. As Self-help is always respected and Other also help those who help themselves.

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