Secret to Sleeping Better! Rich Man and Saint Story

Secret to Sleeping Better! Rich Man and Saint StoryLong time ago, in a city lived a rich man. He had immense wealth, a huge mansion and many servants to serve him. He had everything but still he couldn’t sleep at night.

Even if he closed his eyes, he would have terrible dreams. He felt very restless. To cure this, he underwent many treatments but still instead of getting better, his health got worse.

One day, a saint came to city. Soon, words about saint wisdom spread around.

When rich man came to know about him, he went to saint and told him about his problem and said, “Maharaj! Please relieve me of my pain.”

Saint said, “There is only one reason for your illness and that is, you are crippled.”

Rich man looked at him with surprise and said, “How can you say that! Why did you call me handicapped? Can’t you see i have good hands and legs and fully functional body.”

At this, Saint laughed and said, “A handicapped person is not the one who has no arm or leg. But in reality, a handicapped person is one who, despite having arms and legs doesn’t use them.

Now, you tell me how much work do you do with your body?”

Rich man couldn’t answer that as he was depended on his servants for even everyday small tasks.

Saint said, “If you want to get rid of your disease then you should work you hands and legs so hard that you become tired and exhausted. If you do this then your disease will go away.”

Rich man did as Saint said and from next day rich man was able to sleep so deeply that he was astonished.

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