Secret of Miraculous Amulet for Success! Mahatma Story

Secret of Miraculous Amulet for Success! Mahatma StoryOnce in a village lived a young man Ramu. He was very hardworking but was always doubtful in his mind whether he would be successful on his work or not. Because of this he would get easily irritated at other and would get even angry even at small things.

One day a famous Mahatma arrived in his village.

As soon as Ramu got news about arrival of Mahatma and went to meet Mahatma ji. He meet Mahatma and said, “I work hard and make every effort to achieve success but still i don’t get success. Please suggest me some solution.”

Giving a amulet to him, Mahatma said, “Son, solution to your problem lies in this miraculous amulet. I have written some mantras and put it inside this amulet. This will remove all your obstacles. But first, you will have to spend a night alone in the crematorium.”

As soon as Ramu heard about crematorium, his faced turned pale. “But… how will i be able to stay alone for whole night in crematorium.”, Ramu said trembling.

Mahatma said, “Don’t worry, take this amulet with you. It will save you from every trouble.”

Despite being scared, Ramu spent whole night in crematorium.

In morning he went to Mahatma and said, “O Mahatma! You are great. This amulet is truly divine, otherwise a timid person like me could not even think of going near a crematorium, leave alone spending night there. Now, i am sure i can achieve success, if i have this amulet with me.”

After this incident, Ramu completely changed. Now, whatever he did, he believed that due to power of amulet, he would definitely be successful in it. Gradually, he got success and started being counted among most successful people of village.

A year went by. Same Mahatma came to village again.

When Ramu got to know this, he immediately went to see him and started praising the miraculous amulet given by him.

Mahatma ji said, “Son, please take out your amulet and give it to me.”

Ramu took the amulet out and gave it to Mahatma. Mahatma took the amulet in his hand and opened it.

Ramu was shocked to see that there was no mantra or spell written inside, it was empty.

Ramu said, “What is this? This amulet doesn’t contain any mantra, then how did it bring me success?”

Mahatma ji explained and said, “You are right. It was not this amulet that brought you success but the power of your faith. God has sent us human here by giving us a special power. That is power of Faith.”

Mahatma continued, “You were not able to succeed in your field of work because you did not believe in yourself. But when that confidence developed within you because of this amulet, you started become successful.

So instead of believing in any talisman, Learn to believe in your actions, your thoughts and your decisions then you surely will reach the pinnacle of success.

Ramu was listening to Mahatma ji seriously and understood that, if he believes in himself then he will get success.

Success is directly related to your Inner Confidence. If you are Confident in yourself then you do not need to Wear rings with different stones, rosary or amulets on your hands.

You just need to have Faith in yourself that you can do it, you can Succeed and you will be Successful. Have faith, move forward and succeed.

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