Scholar and Boatman Story!!

Scholar and Boatman Story about PrideOne day, a Scholar had to cross the river to go to another village. He reached the river bank and sat on a boat. Boatman started rowing boat.

As per his habit, Scholar started boasting of his knowledge.

He asked boatman, “Have you studied anything?”

Boatman replied, “No, i am not educated. My family has been rowing for generations. So i learned this only.”

Scholar taunted him and said, “Oh, it is very sad that you wasted your life.”

Boatman felt very bad but he could not say anything to Scholar. He just kept rowing the boat silently. When boat reached midstream, suddenly a strong storm came and boat started wobbling.

Then boatman asked him, “Do you know how to swim?”

“No, i don’t know how to swim..”, Scholar replied nervously.

Sensing situation, boatman said, “Then understand that your whole life is going to get wasted into the water.. because the boat is caught in the whirlpool and is about to sink.”

Shortly the boat overturned and scholar started drowning in the water. All his knowledge was left behind.

To save his life, he started pleading for help. Then the boatman rescued him and brought him to the shore. The pride of the Scholar was shattered. He had understood that one should not look down on others.

Education is not for Debate and neither is it for Humiliating others but sometimes in the Pride of knowledge some people Forget this thing.

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  1. The poem ( name বিদ্যে বোঝাই , বাবু মশায় a scholar packed up with knowledge),was in Bengali ,written by Sukumar Ray, ( Non-sense Rhyms), father of noted film Director, literature, painter Satyajit Ray. Sukumar Ray was a short-lived genius who died at the age of 35 years in 1923 AD. It is unfortunate that many people are found claiming that was composed by them.


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