Sant Malukdas Story – From an Atheist to a Devotee (Must Read)

Sant Malukdas Story - From an Atheist to a DevoteeIn old times, lived a Saint Malukdas, who was a karmayogi and had gained immensed knowledge from self study, Satsang and traveling.

In the beginning, Saint Malukdas was an atheist. Once, a Sadhu came to his village and stayed. Sadhu used to recite Ramayana to people, every morning and evening. Villagers would visit him and enjoy Ram Katha.

Coincidentally, one day Malukdas reached at place, where Katha was going on. At that time, Sadhu Maharaj was telling villagers glory of Shri Ram and said – Shri Ram is the biggest benefactor of the world. He gives food to the hungry, clothes to the naked and shelter to the homeless.

Malukdas also listened to this and expressing his opposition, he reasoned, “Maharaj! If I sit silently and chant the name of Ram, if I do not do any work, will Ram give me food?”

Sadhu replied confidently – Definitely.

Listening to this, another question arose in Malukdas’s mind and he asked, “What if i sit alone in dense forest, then?”

Sadhu replied, “Even then Shri Ram will give you food.”

Malukdas understood and now he wanted to test this.

Next morning, he reached forest and sat on top of a dense tree. There were tall trees all around. There were thorny bushes all around. Malukdas was sitting there empty stomach.

In second half of day, Malukdas heard sound of horses coming. Listening to this, he sat there cautiously.

He saw that in short while, some government officials coming. After reaching under that tree on which Malukdas was sitting, they all got down from their horses and decided to take break and have their food.

At same time, when officer was taking out box of food from bag, they heard a tremendous roar of the lion and hearing that all horses ran away.

Officers first looked at each other in shock, they left their food there and ran away. Malukdas was watching this from the tree.

He started waiting for lion but roaring lion went to other side.

Now, Malukdas started feeling that, Shri Ram has listened to him, otherwise how would food reach in this dense forest. Still Malukdas remained hidden in tree. He thought, “Why should i go down and have food. I will not eat.”

In third quarter, a large group of dacoits (robbers) got there. When they saw food, they were shocked to see the food lying in shiny silver utensils under the tree.

Leader of dacoit said, “We were hungry and here is so much food. We should eat till our stomach is filled.”

But being suspicious by nature, a companion cautioned and said, “I find it mysterious that such fine food is placed in such decorated manner in beautiful boxes, in middle of dense forest. May be there is poison in it.”

Hearing this, Leader said, “Then the person who brings food must be hiding somewhere nearby. Find him first. On the orders of leader, the dacoits started searching here and there. That’s why a dacoit’s eyes fell on Malukdas.”

He told Leader.

Leader raised his head and saw Malukdas, his eyes turned red and he shouted, “You wicked man. You are sitting there, after mixing poison in food. Come down now.”

Malukdas got scared after hearing this but didn’t got down. He replied from there, “Why are you blaming me unnecessarily? There is no poison in food.”

Leader shouted back, “We will check ourselves if you are telling truth.”

Saying this, leader ordered his companions to climb tree and bring him down. They bought Malukdas down from tree.

When he got down, leader forced Malukdas to eat by threatening him to kill. They forced food into his mouth to check if it is poison free.

After that, he narrated the whole story to dacoits.

After sometime, dacoits left. Malukdas realised that even when he himself was running from food, but God created such situation that he was forced to eat. After this incident, Malukdas became a devotee of God.

If your deeds are pure, If you never intended to harm anyone, then God has the most loving attitude with you, whether you worship him or not. If your deeds are good, then even if you start testing God like Malukdas ji, He does not mind it.

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