Salvador Dali Quotes about Life and Art

Salvador Dali Quotes about Life and ArtSalvador Dali’s eccentric Nature and Talent for Self-promotion made him the most Famous representative of the Surrealist Movement and one of the most widely Recognized Artists in the world.


Intelligence without Ambition, is a Bird without Wings.

You have to Systematically create Confusion, it sets Creativity Free. Everything that is Contradictory creates Life.

Have No Fear of Perfection – you will Never reach it.

Mistakes are almost always of a Sacred Nature. Never try to Correct them. On the Contrary: Rationalize them, Understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be Possible for you to Sublimate them.

Knowing how to Look is a way of Inventing.

Everything Alters me but Nothing changes me.

The Difference between False memories and True ones is the same as for Jewels: It is always the False ones that look the most Real, the most Brilliant.

Repulsion is the Sentry that Guards the gate to all that we most Desire.

Life is too Short to remain Unnoticed.

The Thermometer of Success is merely the Jealousy of the Malcontents.

To be Interesting, One has to Provoke.

Paranoiac-critical Activity makes the world of Delirium pass onto the Plane of Reality

A True artist is not one who is Inspired but one who Inspires Others.

The One thing the World will Never have Enough of is the Outrageous.

Surrealism is Destructive but it Destroys only what it considers to be Shackles limiting our Vision.

We are all Hungry and Thirsty for concrete images. Abstract art will have been Good for one thing: to Restore its exact virginity to Figurative art.

The Reason some Portraits don’t look True to Life is that some people make No Effort to resemble their Pictures.

Progressive Art can assist people to Learn not only about the Objective forces at Work in the society in which they Live but also about the intensely Social character of their Interior lives. Ultimately, it can Propel people toward social Emancipation.

No Masterpiece was ever created by a Lazy person.

If you Understand your Painting beforehand, you might as well not Paint it.

Begin by Learning to Draw and Paint like the Old masters. After that, You can do as you Like, Everyone will Respect you.

Surrealism is not a Movement. It is a Latent state of mind Perceivable through the Powers of Dream and Nightmare.

Drawing is the Honesty of the Art. There is No Possibility of Cheating: It is Either good or bad.

Instead of stubbornly attempting to use Surrealism for Purposes of Subversion, It is necessary to try to make of Surrealism something as Solid, Complete and Classic as the works of Museums.

God is just another Artist, like me.

It is Good Taste and Good taste alone, that Possesses the Power to Sterilize and is always the first Handicap to any Creative functioning.

The fact I myself Do not understand what my Paintings mean while I am Painting them does not Imply that they are Meaningless.

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