Saint’s Advice to Irritated Man!

Saint's Advice to Irritated Man - Be HappyOnce in a village, lived a poor man whose name was Jhannu. He was always irritated. It was in his nature to quarrel unnecessarily.

If someone asked Jhannu – Can you tell me time?

He would reply angrily – Have you bought me this watch? My time is already bad, now you have also come to waste my time. Go away from here.

Because of such nature, neither his customer stays with him, nor a servant. Whatever work he used to do, he would suffer losses.

One day, a saint passed by Jhannu. Seeing him, saint said, “Son, i m hungry. Will you give me some food?”

Jhannu as usual replied, “I am myself dying and here your asking for food. Go from here, do your work.”

At this saint smiled and said, “I am only doing my work. I am doing it right. You are not doing your work properly.”

Jhannu was shocked to hear this and asked, “What does it mean?”

Saint said, “Son! Being anxious and taking losses is what you have been doing. If you change you way behave, your life can change. No matter what happens just be happy.”

Jhannu replied, “But how can i be happy. My luck is bad. Nothing good happens in my life.”

Saint said,”Lucky is not one who has good luck but one who is happy with his luck. If you start being happy with what you have then your luck can also change.

You don’t know if a successful person remains happy or not but one who is happy become successful one day or other.”

Jhannu said, “But my living condition is bad and i have such nature that i can not lie.”

Saint said, “If you can’t lie, you can remain silent. You just learn to do two things – Silence and Smile. Whatever happens, you keep quiet and smile.”

Jhannu understood words of saint and started following saint’s words. By the grace of God both his nature and fortune changed.

Decide now that no matter what happens, you will always Smile. Then no one in the world will be able to snatch the smile from your face. Always remember – Whatever has to happen will happen. So, Don’t waste your Laughter today in worrying about Tomorrow.

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