Saint Warning to King about Demon!

Saint Warning to King about Demon!Once a King wanted to become more powerful. He got to know about a saint who had came to his kingdom and was famous for helping people.

King went to saint and said to him, “Please tell me a way to become more powerful.”

Saint pointed towards a path and said, “Path you seeing in front of you. Walk on it. After covering 20 kilometers you will see a tree. On that tree, miraculous fruit grow. If you pluck a fruit from that tree and eat it, you will become 100 time more powerful.”

Listening to this, instantly King got up to get ready to go in search of that tree.

Before King left, Saint warned him, “Keep one thing in mind. When you go on that path, you will encounter a demon one feet tall. You should kill it and then move forward. Otherwise he will make it difficult for you to pluck fruit from tree.”

King started walking on path told by saint.

After covering, 2kms suddenly a monster appeared in front of him as said by saint. That demon stood in way of King.

King saw that demon was very small in stature and thought, “I shouldn’t waste my time in killing such a small demon. What can this do. I should save my energy and reach tree as soon as possible.”

Thinking this King pushed it aside and moved forward.

As King walked another 2kms, demon again appeared in front of him and this time his height was 2 feet. King again thought why to waste energy in killing energy and pushed him aside and went ahead.

While moving forward, every 2kms monster appeared in front of King and every time his height would increase by 1 feet. Every time King kept moving forward without killing it.

When King reached near tree, demon reappeared again, this time it was giant with height of 10 feet.

Now, When King tried to pluck fruit from that tree, demon stopped him. At that time, King remembered Saint’s words that demon have to be killed if King want to have that fruit or it would not let him have it.

Now King had no choice but to fight that monster. Fierce battle started between two. Many times situation became as if monster would kill the King. After much struggle, somehow King was able to kill that monster.

In our life when we keep striving towards achieving the goal, many times we have to face small problems and challenges. We often ignore them knowing them to be small or insignificant and do not solve them. Then gradually the same problems and challenges keep on increasing.

There comes a time when it is not possible to ignore them and they become an obstacle in the way of achieving our goal. Sometimes it is beyond our control to cross those hurdles and sometimes a lot of our time and energy is wasted in solving them. Later we regret that why we did not find its solution earlier.

That’s why it is better to solve the problems in the beginning than to regret later.

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