Sage Arrogance vs Sadhana of a Household Woman

Sage Arrogance and Sadhana of a Household WomanLeaving his old mother and helpless father, a man went to forest to do penance. After several years, he completed his penance.

When he got up, after completing his Sadhana, he saw a crow flying with a baby bird in it’s beak.

Seeing this, Sage looked at crow angrily and flames burst out of Sage’s eye, which burned crow to death.

Seeing this achievement, Sage was happy and proud of himself.

He got out of forest and headed toward a monastery. On his way, in a village, he got hungry and went to a house and stood outside door, asking for alms.

Even after a while, no one came out. Sage called out people of that house again and again but no one came out.

Now, sage got angry.

Angrily he called out again in loud voice. This time, he heard a woman voice saying, “Please wait, i am serving my elder, i will come out to give alms, as soon as i am done serving.”

Now, Sage got furious and said, “Are you insulting a Sage? Do you know what can be the result of this disregard.”

Woman from inside answered, “I know. You will want to curse me for this but don’t think you can burn me as you did with that crow..”

Listening this answer, Sage was stunned and stood there waiting for woman to come out.

After a while woman came out and said, “I was serving my mother and couldn’t come out till i was done with it.”

Sage asked, “But how did you knew about crow? What kind of Sadhana did you do? How did you knew about me?”

Woman answered, “Maharaj! I faithfully fulfil my duties towards my elders, husband, children, family and society. This is my Sadhana.”

Listening to this, Sage pride was shattered and he apologized to woman and left.

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