Rumi Stories about Questions of Life

Rumi Teaching Stories about Questions in LifeStory 1: Rumi and Scholar at River Bank..!

Once Rumi and a scholar was standing on bank of a river, where suddenly he spotted a fur coat floating downstream in middle of current.

Seeing that fur coat, Rumi hollered over to scholar, “Hey man, there is a fur coat floating in middle of river. See. Grab it!”

Scholar jumped into river out of greed and swam out there.

Rumi couldn’t see clearly what’s going on but all he could see was a lot of commotion and flubbing around out there.

So, he shouted and asked scholar, “What are you doing out there! Bring it!”

Hearing him, scholar shouted back between gasps, “You fool! This isn’t any fur coat; it’s a bear and more i struggle with him, the deeper his claw go and he won’t let go of me!”

At this Rumi said, “My friend, that bear is REASON. If you ask question Why, you are caught, you are caught by bear of reason. More you ask question, more you will become entangled and claws will go deeper into your mind, into your being.

So, don’t ask any questions. If you want to be aware, just be aware.”


Story 2: Travelers at Monastery!

Once Rumi was working with his disciples in a small monastery, built in desert. One day, a few travelers who were passing by, saw that monastery and out of curiosity, they stopped there and went in.

There they saw that in courtyard, Rumi’s disciples were sitting and Rumi was answering there questions.

Travelers soon got fed up because of strange questions and answers and left.

After years of traveling, travelers came back from saw route and saw that monastery again. They stopped again to see what’s happening there, after all these years.

But they were shocked to see empty place only Rumi was there sitting alone.

Seeing this, traveler went to Rumi and asked, “What happened?”

Rumi laughed and said, “This is my whole work. I crushed all their questions and now, when they had no questions left, i told them – Go and do same to others, crush their questions and if you find somebody you cannot manage, send them here!”

When all questions are removed, you become a child, innocent child. Then mind would be silent and there is no possibility of getting disturbed.

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