Rose and Cactus Story..!!

Rose and Cactus Story - Judging Other on Their Appearance Moral StoryOnce in a forest, a beautiful red rose blossomed. When rose saw around he found that everyone was admiring it’s beauty. One of the tree said that, “I wish i as as lovely as rose..”

Rose listened that and said, “I know I am the most beautiful flower in this forest.”
To this another flower replied, “Don be so proud. There are many other beautiful flowers in this forest.”

Then one day rose saw a cactus and said, “What a ugly plant it is.. it’s full of thorns.”
Listening to this another flower replied, “Why do you say that?? Who can say what beauty is?? You have thorns too..”

Proud red rose looked angrily at that flower and said, “You can not compare my beauty and thorns to that of cactus.”
All trees and flowers around rose thought ,”What a proud flower..”

With every passing day rose would say insulting things to cactus and wanted to move away from it.

Cactus never felt bad sad always used to say to rose, “God did not create any form of life without any reason.”

At the time pass weather changed and life became difficult in forest because of no rain. Rose began to wilt.

One day rose saw birds sticking their beak into cactus and then fly away refreshed. Rose was puzzled to see that. Then a tree explained rose that birds were getting refreshed from the water they got from cactus.

Rose asked, “Doesn’t it hurt cactus when birds make holes in it?”
Tree replied, “It does but cactus doesn’t like to see birds suffer.”

Rose opened its eyes in wonder and felt ashamed for the behavior towards cactus and felt sorry for it.

Everyone in Nature have a Purpose and we should not just Judge someone just by its Appearance. We should Learn to Value Goodness in Nature of Others.

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