Rich Man Offering to Saint – Heart Warming Story

Rich Man Offering to Saint - Heart Warming StoryOnce in a village, lived a saint in his ashram with his disciples. Many people used to come to him to listen to his satsang.

Once a Rich man went to Saint and said, “Guru ji, Please accept my service. Here are thousand gold coins, may they all be of use to you.”

As soon as rich man kept the bag of gold in front of saint. Saint didn’t said anything to rich man and went away from there leaving that bag behind.

After few days, Rich man again appeared in his service and said, “Guru ji, please accept these jewelry and clothes to give, they will be useful to poor.”

Again, when rich man kept the bag there, Saint left from there without saying anything. Seeing this, rich man became very sad. He didn’t understand how he could please Saint.

One day there was a huge gathering at Saint’s ashram. Thousand of people were to come and big arrangements had to be made. Many disciples and monks were engaged in work to make arrangements.

Today, rich man didn’t went to Saint, he started working with others. Night passed, everyone left but rich man was still working at ashram.

Saint approached him and said, “Have you received prasad (food)?”

Listening to Saint words, rich man was overwhelmed with emotions and prostrated before him. Tears of happiness came, seeing that Saint himself came to him and talked to him.

Saint smiled and said, “Dear, God doesn’t want money or property from anyone. He just want your dedication, loyalty, love. He gets happy just by your service to him as his devotee. Today, you understood this.”

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  1. Moral stories enhance the thinking of children’s mindπŸ‘πŸ» and this story is very nice i really like it.. keep it up πŸ’œπŸ’œ


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