Rich Man Loss and Old Monk – Law of Life

Rich Man Loss and Old Monk Story - Law of LifeOnce there was a very rich man. He was one of the richest person of his country but suddenly there was a loss and all his wealth was lost. His fortune-sun had set and he had no wealth left with him.

In such situation he thought that there was no future before him except darkness and started thinking of killing himself.

One dark night he was standing at a cliff thinking about committing suicide by jumping into river from cliff but just as he was about to reach the edge of cliff to jump into river, two old yet strong hands stopped him.

Just then lighting flashed and that person saw an old monk holding him.

Old monk asked him reason for doing such thing. Rich man told him everything. After hearing whole story, monk started laughing and asked, “So you accept that you were happy before?”

Man replied, “Yes, my fortune sun shining with full light but now my all wealth is lost. Now there is nothing left in my life except darkness.”

Old monk started laughing again and said, “After day, here is night and after night, there is day. When the day does not last, How will the night last?

CHANGE is the Law of Life.

Listen properly – If good days didn’t stay forever then bad days will not stay forever either. One who knows this truth, he will not be happy in happiness nor sad in sorrow.

His life becomes like an unshakeable rock, which remains the same in rain and sun.”

One should Never Lose all hope and Give Up on Life because in Life if happiness come and go, then sorrows come and go too, Time Changes. Nothing Stays forever.

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