Rich Man Bad Habit and His Servant Story

Rich Man Bad Habit and His Servant Cucumber StoryOnce in a village lived a rich man who had a bad habit of cursing God whenever something bad happened to him.

He had a servant working for him. Rich man was happy with his servant work and treated him good.

One day, when rich man was eating a cucumber, incidentally it tasted bitter. So he called his servant and gave that bitter cucumber to him to eat.

Servant took it and ate it very happily as if it tasted very sweet.

Rich man was surprised to see this and asked him, “This cucumber was very bitter and yet you ate it so happily?”

Servant replied, “You are my master. You give me delicious food everyday. If one day you give me something tasteless or bitter then what is the harm in accepting it?”

Listening to this, Rich man understood his mistake and realized that – God has given me so much happiness and wealth and then if sometimes i have to experience some bitterness in life then i should accept it as God’s will.

If One can understand that Anything that Happens in Life is Mercy of God and Whatever God does is for Our own Good then We can Live Peaceful and Happy Life.

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