Reflection of Oneself! Father Lesson to his Son

Reflection of Oneself! Father Lesson to his SonOnce a Political leader heard about a saint. So he decided to visit him once to see why people praise him so much. When he went to that ashram, he saw that there was a small room where carpet was spread and some people were sitting there on carpet.

Saint was sitting in front. People were asking question and saint was answering them.

Leader came to that ashram along with his four body guards. Usually wherever he went, to welcome him, people would stand up from their place and fold their hands and bow their head in front of him.

But this time, nothing like this happened here. Saint being busy didn’t even look at him. Leader felt insulted and got angry.

He interrupted the saint and said, “I want to tell you something.”

Saint looked at him and said, “Wait for a while, first i will answer his question and then i will talk to you till then you have to wait. If you want you can sit.”

Till now, Leader was talking politely to Saint but now, he started shouting, “Do you know who i am? Who are you talking to?”

Saint looked at him and said, “Whoever you are if you want me to answer your question or talk to you then you have to wait for a while.”

Now, Leader went mad and said, “Whether you want to listen or not but i will tell in front of everyone what i think about you..

You are not a Saint. You are a hypocrite. You are fooling all people sitting here. You have only one motive that is to take money from these people and make it yours.

You are using people for your own benefit and i am not going to leave you now. I will expose you in front of whole world..

Even after listening to all this, there was a  smile on saint’s face.

Now, Leader became more furious and said, “Enough is enough. I will not stay even for a minute here anymore. But you still have a chance, if you apologize to me then you can say it.”

Despite all this Saint was still calm and smiling. He folded his hands and said, “I have no grudge against you. I don’t have any bad thought about you. Whatever you said about me is your own opinion. I don’t see anything wrong in you. You seem like a very good person to me.

As soon as Saint said this, Leader got happy because even saint had same thing about him as all people says to him. Now, he left saint’s ashram satisfied.

He reached home and meet his father and proudly told him everything that happened at ashram, how Saint praised him.

His father smiled and looked at him and said, “He didn’t praise you. Because what he said was not about you but reflection of himself. And whatever you said to him was not about him but reflection of yourself.

We don’t see this world as it is but as how we look at it, see it. One sees this world as he himself is. Therefore, only way to change the world is, change your perspective towards world, how you see it.

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