Young Man Pursuing his Goals – How to Achieve Success

Reason for Not Getting Success - Young Man Pursuing his Goals StoryA Young man once saw a very rich man and was impressed by him. So, he decided to become rich. He started working hard and soon he started earning good amount of money.

Meanwhile, he met a scholar. He was surprised to see the opulence of scholar and decided to become a scholar himself. So, from very next day he left his goal of earning money and started studying and writing to become a scholar.

He had just started to understand his studies, when he met a musician. He found more attraction towards music after this and thus from that day, he stopped his studies and started learning music.

In this manner, much of his life passed, neither could he become rich, nor could he became a scholar, nor could he became a good musician.

One day, he met a great Mahatma and ask him reason for remaining unsuccessful despite putting in so much effort.

Mahatma heard his problem and said, “Son, in this world, wherever you go you will definitely see some attraction or other.

Decide on a goal and stick to it, then you will definitely achieve success. Otherwise you will keep wandering endlessly without achieving anything.

You should understand that you will not be able to make any progress if you keep changing you interest again and again.”

Listening to this, man understood this mistake and set his goal and started pursuing it.

Instead of wandering here and there, we should make a goal from beginning and work hard accordingly to achieve success.

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