Reason for Man Happiness! Deep Meaning Saint Story

Reason for Man Happiness! Deep Meaning Saint StoryOnce a Saint came to a city and would do Satsang everyday. Many people used to come to listen to him.

One day, after Satsang was over, a man came with lots of sweets and started distributing it among people present there.

Man was dancing in happiness and seeing this, people asked, “What happened? Why are you distributing sweets?”

Man replied, “I had a very serious problem in my life. I used to be very sad because of that problem. But after coming here and listening to Shri Ram Katha, my all problems are solved.”

Listening to this, people got curious and asked, “What did you get?”

Man replied, “I didn’t get anything but lost my horse.”

People were surprised, they said, “that horse must have no value that’s why you are distributing sweets.”

Man replied, “No.. No.. that horse is very fickle and valuable but it got lost and that’s why am very happy.”

Saying this, man prostrated at feet of Saint and went on dancing and singing.

Everyone went to Saint and said, “How mad is this man! He is telling people that he lost his horse and distributing sweet saying that he lost his horse in your Satsang.”

Saint smiled and said, “Today, Satsang has become meaningful. I want that all those who come to my listen to Katha and Satsang to lose their horses.”

People couldn’t understand and said, “But Maharaj, we don’t have any horse then how can we lose it?”

Then Saint said, “Your MIND is that Horse which is very fickle and if it get lost in Name of God, if it get lost in God, if it get lost in its essence, then there is only joy and if it gets lost in the world then there is sorrow and only sorrow.”

We should not let our Mind to get Lost in world, but let this fickle mind get lost in chanting God’s Name.

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