Reading Son’s Homework – Change in Father Thinking

Reading Son's Homework - Change in Father ThinkingA man used to stay irritated and stayed tense all the time. He was troubled by the fact that he has to bear all the expenses of house and responsibility of whole family is on him and one or other relative kept visiting his place.

Thinking about all these things, he used to get upset very often and used too scold his children and used to quarrel with his wife on one or other issue.

One day his son came to him and said, “Father, please help me with my homework.”

Man scolded his son and chased him away. But later when his anger calmed down. He went to his son room and saw that his son was asleep, holding copy of his homework in his hands.

Man took the copy and looked at it and as soon as he was about to put it back.. He read the title of homework.

It was – Things that We don’t like at First but later Realize that they are Good..

The child had to write a paragraph on this title. Out of curiosity man started reading what his kid has written:

I am thankful for my my final exams because they don’t look in beginning but after that there are school holidays.

I am thankful to medicines that taste bad, because they taste bitter at first but they cure my illness.

I am thankful for alarm clock that irritates me but wakes me up every morning and tell me that i am alive.

I am also very thankful to God who gave me such good father because his scolding make me feel very bad at first but then he brings me toys, feeds me tasty food, takes me for walks.

After reading his son homework, words written by his child were revolving in his mind again and again. Man realized something.

He sat down for a while and started thinking about his troubles.

I have to bear all the expenses of the house that means i have a house and by grace of God, i am in better position than those who doesn’t even have a house.

I have to bear responsibility of whole family means i have a family, wife and children and by grace of God, i am more fortunate than those who doesn’t have a family and are alone in this world.

My friends and relatives keep coming, it means that i have a social status and people to support me in my happiness and sorrow.

God! Thank you so much for everything. I am so sorry, i didn’t recognize your kindness.

Thinking all this, all his troubles, all his worries disappeared. His thinking was changed. He ran to his son room and kissed his forehead and started Thanking his son and God.

Whatever troubles are in front of us, as long as we keep looking at them from negative point of view, we will stay troubled and irritated. But as soon as we look at same situation from a positive point of view, our perspective, our thinking will change our way to live our life completely.

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