Rattling Sound and Thirsty Horse – Deep Meaning

Rattling Sound and Horse - Deep MeaningA man was going somewhere on a horse. After long journey his horse became very thirsty but man didn’t had any water left with him. He started looking around. He saw that at a far away well, a farmer was watering his fields using ‘Rahat’.

Traveler came to well requested farmer to let his horse drink water from well. Farmer agreed.

Now, traveler bought his horse near well so that it could drink water. But as soon as the horse tried to drink water by bowing down, it would retreat fearing the sound of ‘Rahat’.

Horse would again go ahead and try to drink water but then again it would move way fearing the sound of ‘Rahat’.

Traveler kept watching this for a few moments then he asked farmer to stop his oxen for a while so that the sound of rattling stops and horse could drink water.

Farmer smiled and replied that as soon as oxen stop, water will stop coming from the well and that’s why if horse have to drink water then it will have to drink it while bearing with the rattling sound from machine.

Similarly in our life..

If we think that only when the hustle-bustle of life stops, we will do bhajan, worship etc.. then it is our mistake. We have to take time out of this hustle of life, only then we will be able to satisfy our mind by remembering God’s name. Otherwise, like that horse, you will have to remain thirsty all the time.

While doing all the work, while fulfilling all the responsibilities, One should get engage in Remembering the God’s name.

(**Rahat – a system that uses livestock as labor, an old form of irrigation process wherein wheels have been used to take water out of a well. Rahat is a system that uses animals. By connecting the ropes to the animal bodies, these wheels were turned by oxen & cows.)

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