Racing Competition – Father Daughter Conversation

Racing Competition - Father Daughter ConversationTeacher blew the whistle and 50 boys and girls started running on racing track made on school grounds.

Every kid goal was to reach end of the field and then back to starting point. Whole race to get at least one of the first three place in and get awards.

Kids parents were also present there and encouraging them. When kids were running back from end point, parents cheers got louder – Faster… Faster…

Race ended, kids who took top three spot were waving there hands happily toward their parents. Kids who couldn’t win were upset.

When race was over, little girl who came in at number 5 ran towards here parents with sad face.

Father went ahead towards her and said, “Well done baby… let’s go and eat ice cream as rewards for winning race. Which ice cream would you like to eat?”

“But Papa, i didn’t got any place in top three?” said girl.

Father replied, “Yes, baby. You got first place..”

“How is that possible papa? Didn’t i came in at number 5?” said girl.

Father asked, “And how many kids were behind you?”

Girl calculated and replied, “45”

“It means you were first ahead of those 45 kids, that’s why you will get ice cream.” said father.

“And four children who came before me?”, asked troubled girl.

Father said, “This time, you were not in competition with them.”

“Why?”, asked girl.

Father smiled and replied, “Because they had done more preparations then you. If you practice more then next time you will come first in 48 and then after that you will be first in 50.”

“Then i will run faster and will get first place in next race.”, girl said with great enthusiasm.

Father said, “Why such hurry? First let you legs get stronger and it’s not about getting ahead of others but getting ahead of ourselves.

Girl said confidently, “As you say, Papa.”

Then filled with a new joy of getting first among 45 children her eyes sparkled.She hugged her father and asked for chocolate ice cream.

Competition is not about comparing ourselves with others but to Learn about Ourselves.

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