Rabbits and Friends Story! Trust Yourself Only

Rabbits and Friends Story! Trust Yourself OnlyA rabbit lived near a farm and had many friends. He would always play, talk and have fun with his friends. His days were passing happily and he always thought how lucky he was to have so many friends.

One day, while playing on river bank, at some distance, he saw a lion which was slowly moving toward him. He got scared but then he thought that he should ask his friends for help, they will definitely help him.

He ran toward his friend horse, who was grazing near by and cried for help.

Horse said, “Friend, i would love to help you but i have to leave for my work.”. Saying this horse ran away.

Then rabbit saw his friend bull who was resting under a tree and said, “Brother, a lion is coming for me. Please scare him away with your sharp horns.”

Bull stood up and said, “Friend, i can make him run away but farmer has called me to work in field.”. Saying this, bull slipped away.

Now, rabbit saw a goat and told him about lion and said, “Please help me. If you let me get on your back and run from here, we can be saved,”

Goat thought why should i increase my burden by carrying it on my back. I should run alone to save my life. Thinking this, goat ran away from there alone.

Rabbit could see lion approaching him. Seeing no other option left, it ran as fast as possible and went far away and hide away in a hole to save himself.

That day rabbit understood that he had lots of friends but there was no real friend, all of them were selfish. He understood that only one he could trust was himself.

Trust Yourself instead of Trusting Others.

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