Clever Rabbit and Foolish Lion Story

Clever Rabbit and Lion Story - Best Famous Panchatantra Stories for KidsOnce upon a time, there was a valley surrounded by mountains. Many animals animals like rabbits, squirrels, deer etc made this lovely valley their home. They all lived peacefully in this valley as there was no wolf or lion.

But one day, a Lion climbed down the mountains and entered valley. Not sooner had he arrived, he started to chase after helpless animals and ate them one by one. All animals were scared to live there as there were worried that next it would be their turn.

In worry, all animals gathered and discussed to think of a solution but there was no way that any animal in valley could fight that Lion.

So at last it was decided that everyday one of the animal would be selected by others and would go to Lion and be eaten. That way rest of animals could live peacefully at least for a day.

Following day, all gathered to select animal to be sent. It was decided that little rabbit would go to Lion. Rabbit was scared but he knew that there was no other way. So he thought of finding a way to fight that Lion.

Rabbit went to Lion’s cave and said loudly, “Come out of your cave. I am here to be your supper today.”

Lion was surprised and came out and sniffed rabbit and said, “Wow..! What a delicious meal you will make..”

Just than rabbit sighed and said, “I true that i came here by myself. I thought you were the scariest and most powerful animal in valley but on my way i saw another Lion was more scary and powerful than you.”

Surprised Lion replied, “What? what do you mean i am not the scariest? I am only Lion here in this valley..”

Rabbit replied, “Oh.. You don’t know about another Lion.. No matter you should go ahead and eat me because even if i escape you clutches, no animal could hope to escape the other Lion.”

Lion bristled at rabbit’s word and said, “Take me to this other Lion and i will spare you for today.”

Rabbit sighed again and said, “What difference does it make.. in the end i will be eaten by a Lion but If still you want to meet that Lion, come with me.”

So Lion started to walk with rabbit until they reached an old abandoned well which rabbit saw on his way to meet Lion.

Reaching near it, Rabbit stopped and pointed, “There.. He lives there. Lion who is stronger and scarier than you. All you have to do is look down into the well and i am sure you can see him there.”

At this Lion jumped on to well wall and peered down, “There he saw his own reflection in the water at bottom of well as if another Lion was looking back at him.”

Lion yelled into the well, “Ahh!! there i see you coward..!!”

No sooner had he done this, than his own voice echoed back from bottom of well.

Listening to echoed voice Lion got angry and said,”Did you just called me coward? How dare you.. Come here and we will see who is stronger and scarier.”

Again his own voice echoed from the well.

Lion got more angry, seeing this rabbit said, ” don’t think he is going to come out. You should teach him a lesson and go inside to show him that you are King of this valley.”

Lion heard this and without hesitation jumped into the well, chasing after his own reflection. As soon as he jumped he got trapped inside well and couldn’t ever came out and valley was rid of evil Lion.

Wisdom is Stronger than Physical Strength.

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