23 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

23 Motivational and Inspiring Quotes by Gandhi in English for Better LifeThe Difference between What we do and What we are capable of Doing, would Suffice to Solve most of the World’s problems.

The Golden rule of Conduct is Mutual Toleration, Seeing that we will Never all think Alike and We shall always see Truth in Fragment and from Different points of Vision.

Relationships are based on Four Principles: Respect, Understanding, Acceptance and Appreciation.

Man’s Nature is not essentially Evil. Brute nature has been know to Yield to the Influence of Love. You must Never Despair of Human Nature.

The Less you Possess, the Less you Want, the Better you Are.

There is a Higher court than Courts of Justice and that is the Court of Conscience.

A Man who would Interpret the Scriptures must have the Spiritual Discipline.

The Human body is meant solely for Service, Never for Indulgence. The Secret of Happy life lies in Renunciation. Renunciation is life. Indulgence spells Death.

A Nation’s culture Resides in the Hearts and in the Soul of its People.


The Principal and the Professor cannot give you Character from the Pages of Books. Character building comes from their Very Lives really Speaking, It must come from within Yourselves.

Character cannot be Built with mortar and stone. It Cannot be Built by hands Other than your Own.


There is No School equal to a Decent home and No Teacher equal to a Virtuous Parent.

A Wise Parent allows the Children to make Mistakes. It is Good for them Once in a while to Burn their Fingers.

Given the Right kind of Teachers, Our children will be Taught the Dignity of Labor and Learn to regard it as an Integral part and a means of their Intellectual Growth.


The Test of Friendship is Assistance in Adversity and that too, Unconditional Assistance. Co-operation which needs Consideration is as a Commercial Contract and Not friendship. Conditional co-operation is like Adulterated cement which does not Bind.


Before the Throne of the Almighty, Man will be Judged not by his Acts but by his Intentions. For God alone Reads our Hearts.

There is Nothing that Wastes the body like Worry and one who has any Faith in God should be Ashamed to Worry about anything Whatsoever.


A Person who is Worried about the Outcome of his Work does not see his Goa. He sees only his Opposition and the Obstacles before him.

Always Aim at complete Harmony of Thought and Word and Deed. Always aim at Purifying your Thoughts and Everything will be Well.

If you Take care of your Immediate surroundings, the Universe will Take care of Itself.

Knowledge gained through Experience is far Superior and Many times more useful than Bookish Knowledge.

Champions are made from Something they have Deep inside of them – a Desire, a Dream, a Vision.

Carefully watch your Thoughts, for they Become your Words. Manage and Watch your Words, for they will become your Actions. Consider and Judge your Actions, for they have become your Habits. Acknowledge and Watch your Habits, for they shall become your Values. Understand and Embrace your Values, for they become your Destiny.

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