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Moral Lesson Stories - Short Stories with Moral for KidsDuring first month of college, Professor gave his students a list of quiz questions. In his class there was one student name Sam. He was very brilliant student.

As professor gave him list he solved whole paper really quick but got stuck at last question.

Question was, “What is the first name of women who cleans school?”

Boy thought it would be some kind of joke Still after reading question thoughts about cleaning lady started to go through his mind. Like he remembered she was tall, dark-hared and in her 50’s but he could remember her name.

At last he handed paper to professor leaving last question blank.

Just before class ended, he went to professor and asked, “Is this last question going to count for total grading?”

Professor replied, “Absolutely.”

Professor continued, “Dear Sam, in you life you are going to meet many people and all are significant. They all deserve proper attention and care. We should respect all despite of their rank and work. All you have to do is smile and say Hello.”

Since that day Sam always remembered that lesson for rest of his life.

We should Respect and Care for

Everyone. We should not Neglect or Ignore them. Everyone is Important.

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