Question about God – Saint and Disciple Story

Question about God - Saint and Disciple StoryOnce a Saint was giving a discourse of knowledge and devotion to his disciples.

A disciple sitting in the audience, stood up and asked, “We are told that God is present everywhere but if it is so then why is he never visible to us. How can we believe that he is really around us? If he is, how can we know it?”

Saint smiled and ordered disciple to bring a pot of water and some salt. Disciple immediately bought both things.

All disciples sitting there saw this and thought, “What is relation of these things to the question..”

Just then Saint said to disciple, “Now, put salt in the pot of water and mix it.”

Disciple did as said.

Saint asked, “Now tell me, do you see salt in the water?”

Disciple replied, “No.”

“Okay, now you taste this water and tell me if you can taste salt in it”, said Saint.

Disciple tasted water and replied, “Yes, it tastes salty.”

Saint said, “OK, now keep this water to boil.”

Disciple kept that pot on fire and water kept boiling for sometime and when all the water evaporated into steam, Saint asked disciple, “Now, check inside pot and tell me if you see anything.”

Disciple looked and said, “I can see some particles of salt left.”

Saint smiled and said, “Just as you can feel taste of salt in water but can’t see it, similarly you cannot see God everywhere but you can feel God’s presence.


Just as when after getting boiled, water evaporated and you were able to see the salt, Similarly by your true devotion and good deeds you can reach God.”

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