Quality of Bamboo – Saint Teaching to Disciple

Quality of Bamboo - Saint Teaching to DiscipleA Saint was going into forest with his disciple. While passing through a slope, disciple foot slipped and he started slipping downwards rapidly.

He was about to fall into a ditch, when suddenly he caught on to a bamboo plant firmly. Because of that he was saved from falling into ditch.

Bamboo which disciple was holding, got bent like a bow, neither did it got uprooted from the ground nor did it break.

Disciple kept hanging holding the bamboo plant tightly, till his guru reached there and pulled him up.

After disciple was rescued, both of them continued on their way.

After a while, saint said to disciple, “Bamboo that saved your life said something to you. Did you hear it?”

Disciple replied, “No Guru ji, perhaps my life was in danger and because of that i was not able to hear it. Please tell me.”

Saint said, “Bamboo you held while falling into ditch was completely bent, still it supported you and saved your life.

Bamboo was able to save you because of its flexibility.

We should adopt this quality in our life. When strong wind come and try to shake the bamboo plant and completely uproot it, it keeps on shaking back and forth but remains firmly rooted in the earth.

Bamboo said to you that whenever difficult times come in your life, you should bow down a bit and become humble but do not break because as soon as the bad times pass, you can return to your original position.

Bamboo not only withstands every stress but it turns that stress into its strength and rises twice as fast.”

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