Put the Camel on Roof! Guru and Disciple Relation

Put the Camel on Roof! Story about Guru and Disciple RelationA Guru had two disciples. One was named Gora and other was named Kala. Guru was more attached to Kala.

A person who used to visit Guru ji regularly for his blessing, asked him, “Guru ji, Gora does all the work in ashram. Yet you give so much importance to Kala, why?”

Guru said, “Tomorrow bring a camel to ashram and i will answer your question.”

Next day, that man bought the camel as asked.

Now, Guru ji called Gora and said, “Put this camel on the roof.”

Seeing camel, Gora hesitatingly said to Guru ji, “But Guru ji, how is it possible? This camel is very big, i don’t have such strength.”

Guru ji replied, “Ok. You may go and do your work.”

Now, Guru ji asked Kala to come and asked him to do the same. Guru ji asked him to put the camel on roof.

Listening to this, Without any question, in an instant, Kala went near camel and put his head between the legs of camel and started putting in strength to lift the camel on his shoulder.

Person was siting near Guru, seeing all this.

Guru looked at person, smiled and said, “This is the answer to your question.”

A true disciple is one who connected with the mind, not the body. He doesn’t question order from his Guru and does as asked in order to follow the path and learn what’s needed to learn.

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