Puppies Waiting for Food – Story about Keeping Faith

Puppies Waiting for Food - Story about Keeping FaithWhenever a man used to return from office, stray puppies used to surround him because he used to feed them biscuits everyday.

Sometimes, 4 to 6 puppies would come to him for food.

One night when he returned from office, puppies surrounded him but he saw that there was no biscuit or bread to feed those puppies.

It was quite late at night and it was difficult for shop to be open at this time, all puppies were still waiting.

Thinking that, he will not be able to do anything about it. He went inside and thought of feeding them tomorrow.

After a while, he looked out of window and saw that puppies were still waiting for him.

Seeing them waiting, he felt bad and then remembered that some guest had come over and bought some biscuits as gift which were still left.

He went inside and quickly opened the box and found some biscuits there. When he came out with those biscuits, he saw that all puppies were gone except for one.

Only one puppy was still waiting for him with the belief that he will definitely get something.

Man gave all those biscuits to that puppy and puppy ate them with great happiness and went away.

Later that man thought that this is what happens with us humans too…

As long as God keep Giving us, we stay happy and worship him but as soon as God takes a little time, we start doubting him.

One who Keeps Faith will always gets blessed even if not at that time, then later. So keep Faith in God and don’t let your faith waver in any situation.

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