Profit Sharing – Rich Man and Beggar Story

Profit Sharing - Rich Man and Beggar StoryOnce a rich man saw a young beggar on side of road, he went to him and said, “Why are you begging when you are healthy?”

Beggar replied, “I don’t have any work. I am graduate, i tried but couldn’t get any job.. If i can get a job, i will stop begging.”

Rich man said, “Well, i can’t give you a job but i have something better. Why don’t you become my business partner.”

Beggar couldn’t believe what he said and asked, “What are you saying, is it possible?”

Rich man said, “Yes. I have a store and you can manage that. We will share profit at end of month.”

Tears of happiness came out of beggar’s eyes and he said, “You have come to me as an angel. How can i thank you..”

Then after a while, beggar said, “How will we share the profits? Will i take 20% and you 80% or you take 90%.. Whatever you decide, i am ready for it.”

Rich man smiled and said, “I want only 10% of profit and you can keep rest 90% so that you can progress.”

Hearing this, beggar fell on his knees and started crying.

From next day, beggar started working for rich man. He worked hard with time sales increased. Then day come when profit had to be distributed.

Suddenly beggar thought , “I have worked hard day and night and that rich man didn’t do anything except for giving me opportunity then why should i give him even this 10%.”

Rich man came at appointed time to collect his 10% share of profit.

When rich man asked for profit share, beggar said, “There is still calculation left. Some payment is pending..” and started giving other excuses.

Rich man understood that beggar was avoiding giving share of him, he said, “I know how much profit you made, why are you avoiding giving my share?”

Beggar immediately replied, “You should not get any share in profit because all the hard work was done by me.”

Now think… If we were that rich man and heard such an answer from beggar then what would we have done?

Just like that… God gave us Life.. hands-feet.. eyes-ears.. brain.. understanding.. gave us tongue to speak.. gave emotions..

Therefore, we must remember that 10% of the 24 hours of the day belongs to God. We should happily pay it in remembrance of name of God.

We should take out 10% of our income and spend it in good works and thank God who has given us life and happiness.

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