Problems Written on Paper – Scholar Solution

Problems Written on Paper - Scholar SolutionLong ago, a very learned Scholar came to Himalaya to live a secluded life devoted to God only. But because of his fame, people starting coming to Himalaya’s looking for him, so that they can get solutions to their problems.

Despite the difficult path one had to walk to reach Scholar’s place, with time more and more people started coming to him.

One day, when many people gather at his place to ask solution to their problems, Scholar said, “Today, i will answer all your questions but you all have to promise that after leaving from here, no one should tell anyone else about this place, so that i can do my meditation in solitude.”

Hearing this, people became anxious and soon everyone started to speak about their problem. Due to this, not a single person voice was understandable.

Seeing this, Scholar ask them to stop and said, “I will answer everyone, so don’t worry. Write your problems on a piece of paper and give it to me.”

Now everyone wrote their problems on a paper and it was collected in a basket.

Now Scholar took that basket and mixed them and said, “Pass this basket to each other, each person will pick up a slip and read it. After that, decide whether you want to replace your problem with this problem?”

One by one everyone picked up a piece of paper, read the slip but no one was ready to take someone else’s problem instead of their own.

Everyone thought that no matter how big their own problem is, it is not as serious as other people’s problems.

After two hours everyone returned with their slips in hand, happy that their problem was not as big as they thought.

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