Princess and Monk Difference in Thinking! Story abt Renunciation

Princess and Monk Difference in Thinking! Story about RenunciationLong ago, there was a girl who despite being born in King’s family, had feelings of renunciation. When the princess got at age of getting married, King was not able to find a suitable groom for her marriage.

Understanding the feelings of his daughter, the King, after much thought, got her married to a poor man who lived like a monk.

King thought that only a monk could appreciate princess feelings.

After marriage the princess happily came to live in the monk hut. While cleaning the hut, the princess saw two dry loaves of bread in a vessel.

She asked her husband, “Why those bread were kept here?”

Monk replied, “These bread pieces have been kept for tomorrow, if we do not get food tomorrow then we will eat one piece each.”

Princess laughed after hearing this answer of the monk and said, “My father married me to you because he felt that you too are a recluse like me who only pray and stay engrossed in devotional service but you worry about tomorrow.

A true devotee is one who does not worry about tomorrow and has full faith in God. If God wishes, we will get food and if not, we will pray happily throughout the night.”

Hearing these things the monk understood that his wife was the real monk.

He said to princess, “You are the King’s daughter, you have left the palace and come to my small hut, whereas I was worried about tomorrow.

One does not become a monk just by saying so, one has to practice renunciation in life. You made me understand the real meaning of renunciation.”

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