Priest Rescue Story – God’s Ways to Help

Priest Rescue Story - God's Ways to HelpLong ago, there was a small village by the river. Everyone lived happily and would regularly go to temple to pray.

Once during monsoon season, it rained heavily and because of this river started overflowing, flood entered village. Knowing this everyone started to evacuate village, to go to a safe place.

One man ran to temple to inform priest about situation. When man reached temple he said to priest, “Flood water has entered into our homes and soon it will reach temple also. Everyone is leaving village as in no time it will sunk under water! You must come along too..”

Priest replied, “You go. I will stay here and wait for God. I served God everyday. Therefore, I trust that God will himself come to save me. I will not leave temple, until God come. You may leave.”

Man still insisted but priest didn’t listen. At last man left.

Soon, water entered temple and reached waist height. Priest climbed on the higher platform inside temple. Just then a man with a boat who was passing by, saw priest in temple and came to rescue priest. He said, “Water has entered temple. I am on my way to safe place. Please climb boat and come with me.”

But again priest refused to leave saying that God will come to rescue him. So boatman left.

Soon, whole temple was filled with flood water. Priest had to climb to the top of the temple and kept praying to God to save him. Soon, a rescue helicopter came and dropped a ladder for priest and asked him to climb ladder.

Again priest refused to leave by giving same reason. So helicopter left with others.

After sometime, even the top of temple was nearly submerged under water. With difficulty priest was keeping his head out of water, he looked up and started complaining, “O God. I worshiped you for all my life and kept my faith in you! Still you didn’t come to save me! Why?”

Just then a voice came from sky and said, “Oh mad man, i came to save you three time. I came running to ask you to leave with other, then i came as boat man, then i came with a helicopter! But you refused every time. What is my fault if you didn’t recognize me?”

Priest realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness. After this priest got another chance to go to safe place, this time he accepted.

In Life, many times we fail to recognize opportunity and keep complaining that Life didn’t give us Opportunity to Lead successful life. Therefore, Take every chance you get to make Life better.

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