Price of Sculptures and Criticism – Master Disciple Relationship

Price of Sculptures and Criticism - Master Disciple RelationshipLong ago, a master and his disciple used to work together to make statues. They used to make their living by selling idols.

With time, disciple started making very good sculptures and idols. Soon, his work started to sell for more amount than his master’s idol could get.

Disciple started feeling that he had become sculptor than his master. He became proud about this.

His master used to tell him everyday to work diligently and cleanly. Master used to still point out mistake in his work.

Hearing criticism of his work from his master, disciple started thinking that even now when his sculptures are selling for better price than his master, his master criticize him because he is jealous of him.

When Master continuously advised him to do better for few days, disciple got angry.

Disciple said to his Master, “I make better idols than you. That’s why my idols are sold at higher price than yours and yet you ask me to improve. Why?”

Master understood that his disciple had become arrogant.

Master calmly said, “Son, when i was you age, my idols were also sold at higher price than my Master’s idol and one day like you i had said same thing to my teacher.

From that day onwards, my master stopped giving me advice and my ability didn’t improve.

I keep telling you to do better because i didn’t want same thing to happen to you.”

Hearing there words from his master, disciple realized his mistake and apologized. After that day, he never doubted his master’s intention and gradually started getting fame far and wide because of his art.

A True Guru Learns from his Mistakes and wants his Disciple Not to make the Same mistakes he has made. The Guru removes the Shortcomings of the disciple and Enhances his abilities.

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