Buddha and Philosopher – Power of Silence

Power of Silence Story - Buddha and Philosopher Spiritual Enlightenment Once a great philosopher came to Buddha. He had lot of questions to ask. He came to Buddha and started asking questions to him.

Buddha listened to him and said, “Do you really want answer? If you really want it, can you pay the price?”

Philosopher replied, “My whole life, i have been searching for answers. I received many answers but from every answer i got, new questions raised.

What price do you ask? I am ready to pay the full price. I just want answers to these questions and want to leave this earth with these questions answered.”

Buddha said, “Good. Most people want answers but are not willing to pay price. That’s why i asked you.

Sit in Silence for Two Years. This is the Price.

Sit near me in silence for two years and when two years passed, i myself will tell you to ask questions. At that time you can ask whatever you want answered. I promise that i will answer everything, i will dispel all doubts.

But for two years you have to sit completely still and silent. Don’t bring it up for two years.”

Philosopher was thinking whether to say yes or not. He thought to himself, “Two years is long time, will he answer my questions then?”

He asked to Buddha, “Do you give full assurance that you will answer my every question after two years?”

Buddha replied, “I give complete assurance. If you ask then i will definitely answer but If you do not ask, who will i answer?”

Just at that time, a disciple who was sitting in meditation under tree near by, began to laugh.

Philosopher asked to Buddha, “Why is he laughing?”

Buddha replied, “Ask him.”

Philosopher went to disciple and asked him reason.

Disciple replied, “If you want to ask something, ask now. I was deceived in same way. He made fool of me too.

But i can tell you he is telling truth. If you ask after two years, he will definitely answer but who asks after two years?

I have sat here silently for two years and not he goes on prodding me saying ask brother. After remaining silent for two years, nothing remains to be asked, every answer is received.

If you want to ask, ask now, otherwise after two years nothing will be left to ask.”

Philosopher wanted to know answers so he stayed there with Buddha. He would sit everyday silently. He had forgotten track of time because one whose thoughts have become slow, they lose awareness of time.

But Buddha remembered exact time. When two years were over.

Buddha went to Philosopher said, “Now, you can ask any question. I will answer each and everything as i promised. Do you have something to ask?”

Philosopher started laughing and said, “That disciple was right. Now when i have been sitting here for two year. I have nothing left to ask. Through your grace, all answer has come.”

Answer are not Given but Received. Answer doesn’t come from outside but from within.

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