Potter or Jeweller – Who is Bigger Fool? Greed Story

Potter or Jeweller - Who is Bigger Fool? Greed StoryWhile returning from market after selling all his pots, potter found a big glass like stone on his way. Potter picked it up thinking that his kids can play with this shiny stone.

Later he thought that its better to tie it on his donkey neck. It will be like an ornament for his donkey.

Thinking this, potter found a rope and tied that shiny stone around his donkey neck.

A jeweller was going from same way. When his eyes fell on donkey’s neck, he got shocked to see such diamond beautiful hung around donkey’s neck.

Jeweller at once stopped his horse and asked, “What is the price of stone hanging around your donkey’s neck?”

Potter thought a lot and replied, “I can sell it for eight annas (Old Indian currency).”

Jeweller understood completely that potter had no idea about that stone being a precious diamond. As he was ready to sell that diamond worth crores for eight annas! But jeweller was caught by greed.

He said to potter, “Don’t you feel ashamed for selling this stone for eight annas? i can only give four annas?”

Potter thought that who would remove this stone from donkey’s neck for just four annas and replied, “Then let it be. I don’t want to sell it.”

Jeweller went ahead thinking that, after a while if he go back and offer two more annas then potter may sell it to him for six annas or even four annas.

After a while jeweller returned and asked for stone. Potter replied, “After you left another person came and offered me one rupee for that stone. So i sold it to him.”

Listening to this, jeweller shouted angrily, “You fool! You mad potter! Do you know what you did? You sold an diamond worth crores for just one rupee.”

Hearing this, potter started laughing. He said, “I am a potter. I didn’t knew that it was diamond worth crores. I thought i got one rupees and that was enough for a stone.

But what can i say for you! You are a jeweller and yet you didn’t buy it for eight annas! You lost crores, not me because i didn’t even knew that it was worth that much.”

Potter was fool, but it was due to ignorance but jeweller turned out to be a greater fool, who made a lose because of his greed.

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