Poor Woman Response to Secretary – Believe in God

Poor Woman Response to Secretary - Believe in GodThere was a poor woman who had firm believe in God. Once, poor woman and her family didn’t get any food for several days. So, she sent a message to God through radio asking him to help her.

In same city, an atheist rich man heard this broadcast and thought of doing something which will shake her faith in God.

So, he called his secretary and asked him to buy a lot of food and get it deliver to that poor woman’s house and tell her that, “It was not sent by your God but was sent by devil.”

Secretary did as asked. He bought food enough for month and reached that poor woman’s house. When poor woman opened door, secretary gave her food.

Poor woman started keeping that food inside house.

Secretary was seeing all this and waiting for her to ask about person who sent all this food but to his surprise even after a while, she didn’t asked.

Now, secretary couldn’t stop himself and asked, “Are you not going to ask who send you this food?”

Poor woman replied, “I know, it is sent by God.”

Secretary said, “No, it was not sent by God but is sent by devil himself.”

Poor woman didn’t respond and kept on doing what she was doing.

Secretary again said, “Are you not surprised after knowing, that it was sent by devil?”

Poor woman smiled and replied, “What is surprising about this? When God gives order, even the devil has to follow that order.”

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