Poor or Rich!! Being Happy Moral Stories

Money vs Peace Short Stories in Eng - Being Happy Moral StoriesOnce in a village lived neighbors Ramesh and Suresh. Ramesh was a poor farmer where as Suresh was a landlord.

Ramchand used to work in farms all day and still he would seem very relaxed and happy. At night he never bothered to close doors or windows of his house and slept soundly. He had no money still he was happy and living peaceful life.

Where as Suresh who was landlord used to be tensed always. At night he always made sure to close doors and windows of his house even after that he couldn’t sleep well because he used to think about getting robbed at night. He always bothered that someone might break into his house and would steal all his money.

Suresh envied Ramesh because of his peaceful life.

So, one day Suresh called Ramesh and gave him a bag full of cash and said, “My friend, I am blessed with plenty of wealth and i find that you are poor. I want to help you. Please take this cash and live in prosperity.”

Receiving the bag Ramesh was very happy. He was joyful all day he took that with him to his house. At night Ramesh went to sleep as usual but today he couldn’t sleep. So he got up and closed all doors and windows of his house then again tried to sleep but Even after closing them he couldn’t sleep. He was worried about cash and all night keep looking at the bag full of cash and stayed disturbed whole night.

As soon as next day begin Ramesh took the bag full of cash to Suresh and gave it back to him and said, “Dear friend, I am poor but i was happy. Money you gave me took away peace from me. Please don’t think wrong but take your money back.”

If we Learn to be Satisfied with what we have then we can Always be Happy and Content.

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