Poor Man Loss and His Positive Attitude!

Poor Man Loss and His Positive Attitude!A poor man saved every penny for twenty years and used all that money to build a house for his family.

Finally, his house was built and ready. After that, an auspicious date was chose to shift in his new house with his family.

But just two days before that day, a earthquake occurred and his house was completely destroyed.

When poor man got the news, he went to market and bought sweet before going to place where his house was built.

Man reached the place where many people were gathered and expressed their concern for him, because he lost his house before he could even got to live there. Some people tried to console him.

But man took out sweets and started distributing them to everyone.

Everyone who was present there, was surprised to see this.

Seeing this, one of his friend said – Have you gone mad? Your newly built house has collapsed, your lifetime earning have been wasted and here you are happily distributing sweets!!”

Poor man smiled and said, “You are only seeing the negative side of this incident, therefore, you are not able to see the positive side. It’s good that house collapsed today only.

What if it had collapsed after two days, when i was going start living in this house with my family. If it had collapsed then, i , my wife and children all could have been killed! How big of a loss would have happened then?

So whatever happened, happened for good only.”

There are Many times When we feel Like we Lost Everything, But at that time, If we keep a Positive Outlook toward Difficult Situation then We can Deal with that Situation Calmly and Better.

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