Poor Farmer Story..!!

Poor Farmer Story - True Wealth Moral Stories in EnglishIn a village, Sham and Ram were neighbors. Sham was a poor farmer and ram was a Landlord. Both neighbors led life totally opposite from each other.

Sham used to be relaxed and happy and he never bothered to close his home windows and doors at night before going to sleep. Although he had no money still he led peaceful life.

On the other hand, Ram always used to be tensed. he always keenly closed the doors and windows on his house at night and also he couldn’t sleep well. He was always bothered that might someone break his safe and steal all his money. He had want for peace in his life.

He used to envy peaceful life Sham lived.

One day, Ram called his neighbor Sham and gave him box full of cash saying, “Look my dear friend. I am blessed with plenty of wealth. I find you in poverty. So, take this cash and live in prosperity.”

Getting money sham was very happy as it could have ease his life. He was happy whole day and night came. Sham went to bed. But, today he couldn’t sleep as he kept on thinking about cash he had with him. He went to close doors and windows. He still couldn’t sleep. Whole night he was disturbed.

As soon as day broke, Sham took the box of cash to Ram. He gave away the box to Ram saying, “Dear Friend, I am poor. But, your money took away peace from me. Please bear with me and take back your money.”

Money can not get everything. Learn to be Satisfied with What you have and You will Always be Happy.

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