Poor Farmer and Old Man Story – Jealous of Others!

Poor Farmer and Old Man Story - Jealousy of Others!Long ago, loved a poor farmer in a village. He was poor and was always short of money. His neighbors and relatives were well off and he was jealous of them and because of this he didn’t get along with them.

He had small farm in which he grew some vegetables to feed himself and his family. As farmer grew old, he found it very difficult to work on farm as he didn’t had any bull to plow the field.

One day, he was returning tired from his farm. On his way, he met an old man.

Seeing him, old man said, “What’s the matter? You seem very sad?”

Farmer replied, “What should i say.. I don’t have any money. Everyone around me have everything and i don’t. I have to work in fields but it is getting difficult to work, if i had a bull, then i could easily do all the work of ploughing, sowing and irrigating field.”

Old man had bull with him. He gave that bull to farmer and said, “Ok. This bull is yours from today itself. You take that bull home with you but after you reach home, send your neighbor to me.”

Farmer said, “I am very happy to know that you will give me bull but why do you want to meet my neighbor?”

Old man replied, “So that i can give him two bulls.”

Hearing old man words, farmer started feeling angry within. He became jealous and said, “But my neighbor have everything. If you want to give two bull to my neighbor than i don’t even want one.”

Then old man pulled the bull towards him and said, “Do you know what your problem is?

Your problem is not poverty. It is jealousy. If you would have been satisfied with whatever you are getting then you wouldn’t have got unhappy with what your neighbors or relatives get.

If you hadn’t got jealous then you would probably have become the happiest person in the world.”

Saying this old man disappeared into the forest. Farmer realized his mistake and vowed that he would never get jealous of other and will have good intentions for everyone.

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