Planting Seed in Garden! Motivational Story for Young People

Planting Seed in Garden! Motivational Story for Young PeopleArun had no patience at all. He would start a work, do it for few days and then close it and start another work. Many years had passed like this and he had not yet been able to settle down in any business.

Arun’s parents were very upset with his habit of his.

Seeing no hope of improvement in Arun’s working habit, his parents decided to take him to a very renowned Maharaj who used to live some distance away from the city. Maharaj was famous for his knowledge and wisdom.

Arun’s parents told Maharaj ji about Arun’s problem.

After listening to their problem, Maharaj asked Arun to come to Ashram next morning.

Next morning, Arun arrived at decided time.

Maharaj ji took him to garden for a walk. While walking he asked, “Son, what’s your favorite fruit?”

“Mango”, Arun replied.

Maharaj ji said, “Ok.”

Then pointing toward a sack, he said, “Take out some mango seeds from this sack and then bury them in the ground.”

Arun quickly picked up some seeds and buried them in ground by digging ground with a shovel. After doing this Arun got tired.

After this, Maharaj and Arun both went back inside.

About half hour later, Maharaj said to Arun, “Go outside and see if fruits have come out of those seeds..!”

“But.. how can fruits come out so soon. just a while ago, we had buried those seeds in the ground.”, said Arun.

“Ok then wait, go and see after sometime.”, replied Maharaj.

After sometime, Maharaj asked Arun to go outside again and see if fruits have come out of those seeds.

Arun knew that nothing would have happened yet, he went to garden to see because Maharaj ji asked him.

He returned and said, “Nothing had happened. You are talking about fruits!! Even the plant had not come out of those seeds yet.”

“It seems something is wrong!”, Maharaj said in surprise.

Maharaj ji said, “Ok son, do this, take out those seeds from there and bury them somewhere else..”

Arun did as asked.

After sometime Maharaj said, “Son, go outside and see. This time fruits must have come out.”

This time too Arun returned with same answer, “Nothing happened, no fruit came out.”

Arun was getting irritated by this and said, “Can i go to my house now?”

“No, no wait.. lets try changing seeds this time, who knows, fruits might come out this time.”, said Maharaj.

Now, Arun lost all his patience and said, “I can’t believe that a knowledgeable person like you doesn’t know such a simple fact that after planting a seed, it takes time for it to bear fruit.

You have to add fertilizer and water to the seed.. You have to wait for long time only then you get the fruit.”

Maharaj smiled and said, “Son, this is what i wanted to explain to you.. you start a work, work hard for few days and then think why are you not getting any profit.

Thinking this, you close that work and start new work if that doesn’t work you start work at new place.. and again seeing no profit in sometime you think that even this business is not working and close that.

Understand one thing, just like the seeds of mango can not bear fruits immediately, similarly any work can not bear the desired result unless you give it sufficient time and effort.

So, this time before getting impatient and stopping your work, think about these mango seeds and think.. have you given enough time and effort?

Arun now understood his mistake. he started new business and this time with patience and hard work, he became a successful person.

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