Place of Needle n Scissor – Son Question

Place of Needle n Scissor - Son QuestionOnce lived a tailor in a village with his son. He wanted to teach his son his skills too. So, one day he brought him to the shop.

After reaching there tailor started sewing clothes and boy sat in a corner and looked at him carefully.

He saw that his father first took the cloth and cut it to the right size with help of scissors. Then he put scissors under his foot. After that put thread in the needle and sewed the clothes and after sewing the clothes, he stuck the needle in his cap.

Boy kept watching his father sewing clothes throughout the day and noticed that it was just not one time but every time his father would always keep scissor under his feet after cutting cloth and would keep needle in the cap.

Boy couldn’t understand the reason for this.

Out of curiosity, he asked his father, “Father, you cut cloth and then press scissor under the foot and after sewing cloth, needle is stuck in cap.. Why so?”

Tailor smiled and said, “Son, it is because of the difference in work they both are used for.

The job of scissors is to cut and job of needle is to connect. Place of a connector is always above the one that cuts.

So the scissor is kept under the foot and needle is kept on the cap which is worn on head.”

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