Pigeon’s Nest – Story to Teach Kids about Learning Sincerely

Pigeon's Nest - Moral Story for Kids about Learning SincerelyOnce a couple of pigeons started living on a tree in a forest. After sometime, pigeon laid three eggs on branch of tree.

One day, couple went out in search of food, leaving there eggs behind. When pigeons came back, they saw that there eggs were not there.

They searched and asked around, they came to know that while they were away, a fox came there in search of food and it climbed on tree, where fox saw pigeon eggs. Hungry fox instantly ate those eggs and went away.

Hearing this, pigeon got dishearten and just then decided to build a nest for it’s eggs, so that never again any animal would eat his eggs.

Pigeon gathered straws and started building a nest but then it realized that he doesn’t know how to build a nest.

Pigeon called other birds of forest for help. All birds came to his aid and started to teach him how to build a nest but before they could complete telling him, pigeon said that he learned everything and will build his nest himself.

Hearing this, all birds went back. Now, pigeon started building a nest. He started keeping straws here and there but then again here he realized that he still doesn’t understand how to build a nest.

He again called birds for help. Birds came and started building nest for him, pigeon was seeing what birds were doing. When half of nest was built, pigeon shouted loudly – leave it all. Now i understand how it can be made and i will built rest of nest myself.

This time birds got very angry and left. Again pigeon tried to build nest but then again he couldn’t make out a nest using straws.

Pigeon again called birds to help him but this time not a single bird came to help and till today pigeon can not build his nest.

When we don’t know how to do any work and ask others for help, We should not just pretend to understand when we don’t because person who is helping will help, once or twice but not every time.

Therefore, while Respecting one’s Help, We should Learn that work with full Devotion.

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  1. Excellent story and great learning. My kid enjoys all the stories given over here. Simple and rich language and nice message at the end of every story.
    Thanks for this great collection and to author for nice literature:)


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