Person at the Door – Heart Warming Story about God

Person at the Door - Heart Warming Story about GodOne morning doorbell rang. When Kamlesh opened the door, he saw an attractive stature person standing there with a sweet smile on his face.

Kamlesh asked, “Who are you?”

Person replied, “Well, i am one to whom you pray everyday.”

Kamlesh with confused look replied, “Sorry but i don’t recognize you.”

Person said, “Brother, i am one who made you. I am God. You always used to say that i am always in your eyes but still you can’t see me. See am here. Today i will stay with you for whole day.”

Kamlesh felt irritated and replied, “What’s this joke?”

Person replied, “Brother, it’s no joke. Only you can see me. No one will be able to see or hear me except you.”

Before Kamlesh could say anything else, his mother called from behind and said, “Why are you standing there alone? What are you doing? Come inside, your tea is ready.”

Now, he thought there might be a little bit truth in that person’s word but there was little fear in his mind about it.

He went in and sat on sofa, that person also sat beside him.

Mother bought tea. Just after taking first sip of tea, he shouted, “Ma, what’s this.. so much sugar?”

Just after saying this, he thought what if this person is really God and he doesn’t like my behavior that i am shouting on my mother.

Thinking this, he calmed down his mind and thought to himself, “Today you are in sight of God, be more careful.

Now, wherever Kamlesh went, that person followed everywhere.

Well, after getting ready, he went to temple, and for first time he prayed to God with earnestness because today he had to prove his sincerity.

He left for office, sat in his car and saw that person was already sitting next to him. Just then his mobile rang. He thought to himself, “Just remember today you are in sight of God.”

Then he took the call and while talking he was about to say – If you want this work then it will cost money… but just then he thought what he was about to was wrong and it was sin. How can he commit sin in front of God.

So, he replied, “Sure, come. You work will be done.”

That day, he didn’t shout at his staff, nor did he argued with any of his employee. He used to speak abusive words unnecessarily but today those words were replaced with – Okay, No problem..

It was first day when his anger, pride, greed, abusive words, dishonesty, lies didn’t became part of his daily routine.

When office time was over, he sat in his car and said to that person, “God, please put your seat belt, even you have to follow some rules…”

Kamlesh had a satisfactory smile on his face.

At night, when dinner was served to him, it was first time when he said, “God, please you have it first.”

Smiling that God took that morsel of food in his mouth.

After dinner mother said, “What the matter? For first time you didn’t made any complain about food…! Has the sun come out from the west, today?”

He replied, “Mother, today the sunrise has happened in my mind, everyday i used to enjoy only food but today i have take Prasad (Offering to God) and it lacks nothing.

After walking for a while, he went to his room, laid his head on the pillow with a calm mind. Then God lovingly put his hand on Kamlesh head and said, “Today, don’t you need any music or medicine or any book to help you sleep?”

Kamlesh deep sleep was broken by slap on his cheek..

He heard his mother voice, “How long will you sleep?”

May be it was a dream, he thought – You are in my Sight..

That day he understood, God is watching, everything will be alright. Even a thought in a dream can open your eyes.

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