Parrot and Snake Story

Parrot and Snake Story - Handling Difficult Situation with Cleverness StoryOnce upon a time, a hunter lived near forest and used to go for hunt everyday. One day he went to forest for hunt but couldn’t hunt anything till evening.

He got tired and decided to walk back home. On his way he saw a parrot’s nest and said to himself, “I will catch these parrot tomorrow morning.”

Parrot on tree heard that and got worried because she couldn’t leave nest with it’s children. Parrot needed to find out a way to save itself and children from that hunter.

While looking for way, she met her friend who was a snake. She went to him and told all about hunter. Snake was clever and pitied her situation. Snake thought of a plan and told parrot about it. Parrot agreed for plan and flew back to it’s nest.

Next day in morning hunter went to tree with parrot’s nest. Seeing it hunter started to climb tree.

As soon as hunter started climbing tree, parrot stood on branch next to that man and said, “I know you are here to kill me and my children for food.. but if you kill us your stomach won’t be full.. Please don’t kill us.. I beg you..”

With teary eyes parrot continued, “If you let us live, i will tell you a place with great treasures.. i will take you there and you can have all the treasure… Just don’t kill us..”

Hunter was very happy, extremely pleased. He said that: “Sure..!! If you know where the treasures are! Bring me there. I will not kill your children.”

Hunter let go of that tree and started to follow parrot. Parrot took him to a small hill with big hole.

The parrot held up her wing pointed to the hole and told: “Gentle man, that is the hole with the treasures in it. You can dig it and take those treasures up to get much as you need.”

Because of strong desire for treasures, hunter started to dig in with both hand hurriedly. After digging for while, hunter got bit by snake, who was already hiding there as planned by parrot and snake.

The poison got quickly into the hunter’s body. A few minutes later, he died. Parrot thanked snake for his idea and help then flew back to her children.

Even in difficult situa

tion Never lose Mind. Discussing Problems can help us to Think of New Ways to Deal with Situation.

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