Giving Tree.! Parents Love

Parents Love Short Story - Heart Touching Story about Parents and ChildOnce on country side lived a family in big house where there was big apple tree in the front yard. In family there was a little boy who used to play around that tree every day.

That little boy and tree used to talk and play all the time when boy was kid. Time passed and little boy grown up. He would not longer play with tree. Tree missed playing with him all the time.

One day boy was roaming near tree. Tree was happy to see him and said, “Come play with me..”

Boy replied, “I don’t want to play here. I want to buy toys and play with my friends but i don’t have enough money to buy them..”

Tree replied, “I can’t buy you any toy but if you want money.. you can pick apples from my branches and sell them then you can buy toys with that money.”

Boy was excited to think about toys. So he just picked all the apples from that tree and left. Boy didn’t return to trees for days. Tree was sad and missed playing him.

After some years that boy became an adult and returned as man. Tree was happy to see him and said, “Come play with me..”

Man replied, “I don’t have time to play with you. I have a family to take care of and am worried about providing shelter to them.. I need to make a house for my family.”

Tree replied, “I can’t make a house for you but if you want.. you can cut my branches and build your house with that and live with your family there happily.”

Man was happy about it and cut all the branches of the tree and left. Tree was alone again. For many years man didn’t return home.

One day tree saw him in the yard and said, “Come play with me..”

Man replied, “I want to sail and see new places but i would need boat for that.”

Tree thought for a while and said, “You can make boat out of my trunk and then you can sail away and be happy..”

Man happily cut tree’s trunk and left. After many years when man was old, he came back to home and stood near tree.

Tree was happy to see man and said, “Sorry dear but now i don;t have anything more to give you.. I don’t have any apples for you..”

Man replied, “Don’t worry.. I can’t eat them as i don’t have that strong teeth now..”

Tree said, “I don’t even have any branches on which you can play..”

Man replied, “It’s ok.. I am too old for that now.. i can even climb anymore..”

Tree said, “i don’t have anything more to give you… all left is just my dying roots..”

Man replied, “I don’t need much now… i just need a place to rest after working hard all these years..”

Tree smiled and replied, “Oh good.. old trees are best place to lean and rest, come and sit down with me..”

Man sat down there and rested.. Tree was happy to be there for him.

*****Tree is Like our Parents. When we are young we love to play with them but when grown up we don’t like to spend time with them. When ever we are troubled by something we look up to them for help and Parents will always be there and give everything they could just to make you happy.

Always treat your Parents with Care and Love. We should understand Their Value and Spend Time with them.

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2 thoughts on “Giving Tree.! Parents Love

  1. i’m touched by the tree. The tree always tried to satify the man even though sometimes it needed to sacrifice itself. The tree was selfless and generous.

  2. Wow ! such a beautiful story, learnt at young age . recollected the same once again through this read. thank you so much.

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