Clever Fox Revenge – Panchtantra Story

Panchtantra Stories - Arrogant Elephant and Clever Fox Short StoryOnce upon a time, a Hugh elephant who was very arrogant and cruel used to live in a jungle. He would wreck havoc in jungle, breaking branches and small trees with his trunk. He didn’t care about birds nest and destroyed them, killing their babies.

Same way, he ruined many foxes home by trampling over them with his huge feet and all animals were terrorized by his acts. Animals, birds requested him to stop destroying everything around but elephant wouldn’t listen.

One day, all foxes help a meeting among themselves and discussed that they must find a way to deal with elephant. This difficult task was given to a particular clever fox.

Chosen fox started to follow elephant and carefully studied elephant’s behavior and daily routine. Soon, he made a plan.

Next day he went up to elephant and said, “I want to speak to you about some urgent business.”

Elephant trumpeted and asked fox, “What is it?”

Fox replied, “Your highness, you are most powerful animals in this jungle and that’s why all animals of jungle have decided to make you our King and they have sent me as messenger.

I have come to escort you to place where all other animals are waiting for your coronation ceremony. All preparations are in order. Everyone is only waiting for you to arrive and be crowned as King. ”

Listening to this elephant was very pleased. He was happy at thought of becoming King, so he agreed and readily followed fox.

Fox led the way and on way, there was marshy area near a pond that fox and elephant had to cross. Fox was light so he easily walked over the swamp but when elephant tired to cross swamp, he got trapped in marsh because of his weight.

Elephant tired to get out but he got stuck deeper and deeper. Elephant shouted to fox, “I am drowning. Go and call all other animals for help quickly.”

Fox was standing calmly at edge of swamp and replied, “Nobody is going to help you and save you. This is the treatment you truly deserved. When you wrecked havoc, you never thought about other animals.

You took advantage of your power and killed countless birds nest and crushed many animals house under your feet. All animals came to you and requested you to stop but still you didn’t stop. You never paid heed to our cries for mercy.

So, today no one is going have mercy on you and now you will die here.”

Elephant struggled for hours and couldn’t come out of swamp. Finally, he drowned in marsh and died.

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