Painter and Rich Lady Portrait Story – Smart Thinking

Painter and Rich Lady Portrait Story - Smart ThinkingIn city lived a very famous painter, he was known for his work and wise nature. He had one intern who used to live with him and learn painting.

One day a rich lady visited him with her dog and asked him to paint a portrait of herself with her dog.

Painter agreed.

After a week of hard work, rich lady portrait was completed. Next day, lady came to get her portrait, her dog was also with her.

Painter showed her portrait and waited for her response.

Lady looked at the painting and then looked at her dog and said, “You have made an absolutely rubbish painting, even my dog is not paying attention to it.

I came here because i heard great praise of our work but it was all wrong. I will not give you any money for this painting.”

Saying this, she was about to leave.

Just then, painter stopped her and said, “Mam, if you don’t like picture, please come tomorrow morning, till then i will correct my mistake. I am sure tomorrow your dog will also like my painting.”

Next day, Lady again came with her dog.

This time as soon as lady came near painting with her dog, her dog started to lick that painting.

Seeing this, old lady thought that her dog like her picture a lot and was happy to see this. She paid money and left with painting.

When intern saw this he got curious and asked painter, “Yesterday, dog was not even looking at painting and today dog was licking it. How is this possible?”

Painter smiled and replied, “I had rubbed a piece of meat on bottom edge of picture at night, due to that smell of meat dog started licking it.”

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