Man on Island Short Stories - Best Moral Stories about Trusting God in Eng

Man on Island..!! (God’s Way)

Once a ship was wrecked in a storm and only survivor left was washed up on a small inhabited island. He prayed to God to rescue him but for days there was no help and no one came to rescue him. Exhausted, one day he look around for things and built a little hut for…

Power of Prayer Short Stories - Never Judge Others Stories for Students

Power of Prayer..!

Once a ship was wrecked at sea due to storm and only out of all crew two men were bale to swim themselves to a small deserted island. After both reached island, they didn’t know what to do and both talked and they reached on conclusion that there is nothing they can do except to…

Short Story about Strength and Weakness - Inspirational Stories for Kids

Boy Learned Judo – Strength or Weakness

A 10 year old boy wanted to learn Judo but he lost his left arm in an devastating car accident. Despite the fact that he lost his arm he was determined to study judo and went to master and requested him to teach judo. Boy began his lessons with an old Japanese Judo master. Even…

Stories to Make You Think about Life - Deep Meaning Moral Stories for Adults

King’s and his Four Wives..!!

Once there was a King who had 4 wives. He loved all of his wives but King used to love his 4th wife most and always used to adorned her with finest delicacies. He provided her with best things. His 3rd wife was really beautiful and he loved to show her off to neighboring kingdom….

Questions About God Short Stories - Birbal's Very Interesting Answer to Akbar

Why God takes Human form?

One day Akbar asked Birbal, “Why does God takes Human form when he can do everything just by his will..?” After listening to question Birbal asked Akbar to give him time to give him sometime so that he can think of way to give Akbar a suitable answer to this question. Akbar agreed to wait….

Krishna Short Stories in English - Best Story About Complete Surrender to Krishna

Bamboo Plant and Flute – Krishna Story

Everyday Krishna would go to garden to show his love to plants.. And plants would respond with same love. One day Krishna quickly ran into through garden and went to bamboo plant. Seeing Krishna in panic bamboo plant asked, “What’s wrong Krishna?” Krishna replied, “I have something to ask you.. It’s very difficult to ask..”…

Akbar Birbal 3 Questions Story - Questions about God Learning Stories for Life

Akbar Birbal 3 Questions Story

One day in kingdom court Akbar said Birbal to give him answer for three questions. After listening to question Birbal thought for while and then said said that he will answer those next day in court. When Birbal reached home he was very sad. When his son saw that he asked his father reason for…

Joy of Giving Short Stories - Best Moral and Inspirational Stories for Kids

Joy of Giving – Farmer’s Reaction..!

Once a teacher and his student went out for a walk. After walking a while they reached a farm where student saw a pair of old torn shoes which seemed to be belonged to poor farmer who was just preparing to get back to his home after a whole day of hard work. Seeing this…

Inspirational Short Stories - Best Moral Stories About Hatred and Choice

Dragon of Light or Darkness? Inspirational

Once in dragon land, there was a young dragon name Brad. There was a tradition in dragon land that dragons would have to chose his side and become either a dragon of light or darkness. When time comes each dragon had to chose his side and join army. All dragons would chose his side and…

Short Stories About Fear of Death - Accepting Truth of Death Zen Teaching

How to Get Rid of Fear of Death?

Once a young man went to his master and said, “Master.. I fear death!! How can i get rid of this fear??” Master said, “Tell me.. When you borrow some coins from someone then are you afraid to give them back??” “Of course not..! I will not be afraid..”, Young man replied. Young man didn’t…

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