Greedy Boy – Short Story

Greedy Boy Short Story

Once in a town lived identical twins names Sam and Tom. Physically it was really hard to differentiate them even for their mother but there were like two poles of magnet when it comes to things other than appearance. They haven’t had a single trait same and never agreed upon anything. Tom was generous by … Read more

Precious Coin And Generosity

Precious Coin And Generosity Gandhiji Life Short Story

Mahatma Gandhi was on expedition to collect funds for sangh. He went to various cities and villages for his Charkha sangh. During his expedition he reached orissa and had organized a meeting there. He gave a speech and requested people to offer funds for sangh. After the speech, A very old lady wearing faltered cloths, … Read more

Nail And Fence Story With Good Moral for Kids

Nail And Fence Story With Good Moral for Kids

A Little Boy who Lived with his Father and Mother in a Small Village. He was only son in his family. Boy’s Parents were Depressed due to his Bad Temper. The boy used to get angry very soon and Taunt other kids and use angry words. He used to scold kids, friends, neighbors. Because of … Read more

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